Falcon 33 x 11W Carbon Fiber Propeller


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Falcon 33 x 11W Carbon Fiber Propeller w/ Prop Covers

These Carbon Fiber propellers are simply the best propellers for performance, cost and looks!

DLE-170 RPM: 5310 /Thrust: 85.539 lbs.
DA-200 RPM: 5410 /Thrust: 90.830 lbs.
DLE-222 RPM: 5700 /Thrust: 99.428 lbs.

  • Hand-made from top grade graphite material
  • Crafted for top quality & maximum effectiveness
  • 100% attention from hub to tip for optimum performance
  • Every prop is individually inspected & pre-balanced for immediate use from package
  • High gloss, clear epoxy gel-coat over black woven carbon fiber
  • Features hollow blades fabricated from unidirectional and bi-directional carbon fiber and epoxy
  • Solid Hub area allowing them to be drilled for multi-bolt hubs
  • Designed to enhance engine torque and vertical performance
  • One of the quietest propellers available

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