RC Flite Light (Duke)


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RC Flite Light (Duke)

The Duke was developed for aircraft from 30% – 35%. The X shape directional design uses four 10W high-power daylight balanced LED’s per wing and CNC machined 6061 aluminum alloy throughout. The Duke includes a complete wing tip assembly, easy to install mounting hardware and through wing wiring.

We recommend dual 1000-1800 mah 2s LiFe packs. The Duke requires roughly 2.5A of current per wing and provided 450 lumens of light on our 104″ sample airframe.

The Duke weights 3 ounces per wing including wiring. The wing tip hub is 2″ wide x 1.25″ tall with through holes 1.25″ apart for mounting.

All RC Flite Light systems were developed with three goals in mind: reliability, performance and durability. Our systems are made from 6061 aluminum alloy to offer superior heat dissipation and are extremely light weight. The unique X pattern offers directional light, making the hassle of tail lights unnecessary.

All lighting systems come with CNC machined X pattern hubs and complete installation hardware including genuine W.S. Deans flush mount exterior plugs, brass 4-40 USA hardware and pre-soldered wiring. Just add your 2s LiFe batteries and fly!

  • No complex LED drivers or bucking systems to install
  • No internal switches to fail
  • No soldering or crimping of wires during installation
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Redundancy of 4-lights per wing
  • Runs off any 2s LiFe receiver battery